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For over thirty years he has been active in matters relating to the history of golf and was captain of the British Golf Collector’s Society in 1998. In addition to writing for British and American historical magazines, he prints his own limited edition books using traditional letterpress techniques, followed by fine leather binding. Starting with Early Golf in Glasgow (1985), these slim volumes, under the imprint of the ‘Partick Press’, now number seven, and are collectors’ items. In 1998 he published

Golf - Scotland’s Game, a new history of golf in Scotland, a trade work for a broader readership.

For his contributions to golf scholarship he was twice awarded a Murdoch Medal by the British Golf Collectors’ Society, an award named after his mentor and friend, the late Joseph Murdoch, the cofounder of the Golf Collectors’ Society.

He has had many administrative appointments in relation to both his clinical and golf activities, and in 2001, he was captain of the European team of golf historians playing their American counterparts in the inaugural Hickory Grail competitions. He is a member of the Heritage Committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and of the USGA Library Museum Committee.

He formerly played off a handicap of 13, occasionally.



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