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Did the Chinese invent golf ?
At last, a full investigation by a team of scholars


Chui Wan: An Ancient Chinese Golf-Like Game

Announcing a new investigation by five St Andrews and Cambridge scholars of the mysterious golf -like game. Using the first full translation of the original set of rules, the game's relation to modern golf is closely analysed


The 32 rules of chui wan ... How to play chui wan ... Comparing chui wan and modern golf ... chui wan and the Analects of Confucius ... Early stick and ball games in Europe ... Chui wan and the early rules of Scottish golf ... Did information about chui wan reach Europe? ... The Chinese birthplace of golf? ... A verdict 

The Five Authors:
Anthony Butler taught chemistry and medicine at the University of St Andrews; David Hamilton is a retired Glasgow surgeon and historian in St Andrews; John Moffett is librarian of the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge; Chuan Gao is an expert in classical Chinese language and is married to Wuzong Zhou, profesor of chemistry at St Andrews University

ISBN 9780951000953

108 pages; 10 x 7 inches; cloth cover; fully illustrated and referenced
Available on Amazon or from bookshops or from The Partick Press
£12.50 +£2 p&p
The Partick Press    142 North Street    St Andrews KY16 9AF

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